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Digital transformation in Insurance: Revolutionize with our Secure, No-Code, Interactive Generative AI Products

Monetize Your Data and Domain Expertise: Discover How Our Products like GPT-Underwriter™, Insure-LLM™, Localized Document Assistant™ and SynGen™ Securely Transform Insights into Action.

Take the first step into the future of Industry-Specific Generative AI Products.

At Dash Neuron we harness the transformative power of Interactive Generative AI to revolutionize and streamline your operations, enhance decision-making and empower your team with cutting-edge technology that requires no training.

Ready to see our proprietary LLM Trustworthiness and Explainability in action? 


Revolutionize Underwriting: Designed to provide Underwriter approved and accurate policy pricing and risk assessments, seamlessly integrating with existing systems.


No-Code LLM Fine-tuning:  Pipeline domain specific insurance documents/data to create powerful AI assistants for customer service, claims processing, and compliance.

Localized Document Assistant™

Domain-Specific CommunicationEnhance customer interactions with Generative AI  that understands the nuances of insurance documents, ensuring accuracy and compliance in every communication.


Synthetic Data with Data Privacy and Innovation: Generate realistic, synthetic data while maintaining confidentiality with SynGen™, ideal for testing new insurance products and services without risking client privacy.

Unprecedented Safety. Impeccable Reliability & Control.

Dive into the future of insurance with Dash Neuron's AI solutions, where unmatched safety meets unwavering reliability.


Our products like GPTUnderwriter™ are built with top-tier security measures to protect your data, ensuring compliance with the strictest industry standards. Experience the power of AI with consistent, accurate performance, designed for the high-stakes world of insurance.


With our user-friendly, no-code platforms, gain complete control over AI integration, tailoring it to your unique operational needs. Choose Dash Neuron for AI tools that redefine safety, reliability, and control in insurance.

We take pride in our Products and Services

Your data remains with you safe and secure while we build your LLMS

Bothered about your sensitive data being exposed through LLM fine-tuning?

Stay Compliant with our LLM Trustworthiness Scores

Want a Trustworthiness score for your LLM output and identify sources for information retrieval?

Create IP Assets from the Fine-tuned LLMs and monetize

What to know how we can help create IP Assets from the LLMs and help you monetize?

Build scalable systems - From Azure OpenAI to Hugging Face (AWS/GCP) 

New LLMs being released every month, want a system that is scalable?

No - Code Secure Data Processing

You have structured data in SQL/ Data Lake/ Excel/ CSV and Documents in PDFs/Word/Text Files and don't know where to start?

Are You Ready to Start your Generative AI Journey?

Drop us a line if you want to know how we can help.

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