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SynGen™Synthetic Data Generator

GANs Synthetic Data Generator

SynGen stands as a groundbreaking tool in the insurance industry, leveraging advanced Generative AI algorithms to create realistic, synthetic data. This innovative solution is pivotal for companies looking to enhance their data strategies while ensuring privacy and compliance.

SynGen empowers insurance companies to innovate and experiment with greater freedom and less risk. It opens up new possibilities in predictive analytics, risk assessment, and customer experience enhancement. By utilizing synthetic data, insurers can accelerate their digital transformation journey, staying ahead in a rapidly evolving market.


Fully No-Code and Automated Realistic Data Simulation 

SynGen™ utilizes state-of-the-art Generative AI to simulate data that closely mirrors real-world scenarios. This feature allows insurers to test and develop new products, models, and services in a risk-free environment, ensuring that they are well-prepared for actual market conditions.


SynGen™ excels in generating synthetic data for hypothetical yet plausible scenarios, ideal for exploring new markets or products lacking historical data. Its fully automated process covers everything from PII classification to the creation and quality assessment of synthetic data, requiring no coding expertise. This feature allows for efficient exploration of future trends and seamless integration into various business workflows without the need for technical programming skills.


Privacy and Confidentiality

With a focus on data security, SynGen™ generates synthetic data that maintains the integrity of personal and sensitive information. This approach ensures compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR, offering a safe way to use data for analysis and development without compromising client confidentiality.


Automated Exploratory Data Analysis and Statistical Tests

SynGen™ provides industry-standard statistical measurements to assess the similarity between the original and synthetic data. This is crucial for ensuring that the synthetic data is a valid stand-in for real data, maintaining the integrity and reliability of the simulations. 


SynGen™ also automates the process of exploratory data analysis and creates a visual comparison of the original and synthetic data distributions. In absence of this feature, this exercise can be time-consuming and technical. This feature allows insurers a complete No-Code solution  to quickly understand and interpret the synthetic data, ensuring they can make informed decisions.


Reduces data Bias, acquisition cost and helps in Regulatory Compliance 

SynGen™ can be used to generate "balanced datasets" to reduce AI/ML model bias and can help in meeting regulatory compliance standards. By generating synthetic data internally, insurance companies can reduce their reliance on external data sources, cutting down costs associated with data acquisition. SynGen™ offers a cost-effective solution to obtain vast amounts of relevant data, enabling insurers to allocate resources more efficiently.

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