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Gen AI CoE Setup

Our two-pronged approach to setting up a Gen AI Center of Excellence (CoE) combines the integration of advanced tools with team assembly. This holistic approach ensures a balanced and effective CoE. We first bring in advanced technological tools and methodologies. This includes setting up Automated Data Processing Pipelines to streamline the preparation and management of AI-ready data. Additionally, we implement No-Code Fine-Tuning Platforms, enabling teams to develop and refine AI models without extensive programming expertise. This aspect of the CoE focuses on equipping your organization with the tools necessary for efficient and scalable AI operations.

Skilled Technical Team Assembly

Parallel to tool integration, assembling the right team is crucial. Our approach involves recruiting a diverse group of professionals including Generative AI Engineers, AI Subject Matter Experts, ML Engineers, MLOps Developers, and UI/UX Designers. Each member plays a pivotal role, from developing and maintaining AI models (ML Engineers, MLOps Developers) to ensuring the models are user-friendly and intuitive (UI/UX Designers). This comprehensive team structure is designed to cover all aspects of Gen AI project development and deployment.

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