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Dive Into the New Age Generative AI driven Insurance



Boost your insurance agency's efficiency with GPTUnderwriter™. This Generative AI-driven product delivers underwriter-approved pricing and a conversational experience for your agents, fully integrated with Guidewire, AWS, Azure, and GCP, and it enhances underwriting precision by leveraging Policy, Claims and Customer data.


Empower your workflows with InsureLLM™the Generative AI-driven engine that pipelines domain-specific insurance documents and data into dynamic AI assistants. These intelligent systems excel in customer service, streamline claims processing, and ensure regulatory compliance with unparalleled precision. 

Localized Document Assistant™

Take your customer interactions to new heights with Localized Document Assistant™. From PDFs and Word files to webpages, LDA sifts through your localized data, generating insights that matter. It ensures that every communication is precise, compliant, and fully attuned to the intricacies of insurance documentation. Unlock a new era of customer service where every query and document processing is met with informed, accurate responses.

SynGen™: Synthetic Data Generator

Create a secure, innovation-friendly environment with SynGen™, the Synthetic Data Generator that produces realistic data for robust testing and development in insurance. Ensure confidentiality and protect client privacy, while simulating diverse scenarios for your products and services. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem
Seamless Integration, Infinite Possibilities

Our AI products don't just complement your existing systems—they elevate them. Dash Neuron's solutions fluidly sync with Guidewire's suite, including Policy Center, Claims Center, and Customer Center, for a streamlined insurance experience from end to end.

Embrace the cloud with confidence—our compatibility with Azure, AWS, and GCP means your transition to AI is as limitless as the cloud itself. Experience the synergy between cutting-edge AI and your established infrastructure, and watch as every facet of your operations is transformed.

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