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Our Services

Beyond our cutting-edge products, Dashneuron offers a suite of services designed to maximize the potential of Generative AI in your business. Embarking on the Generative AI journey can be daunting, but we is here to partner with you every step of the way. Our services are designed to streamline your transition into this innovative field.

Gen AI

Data Strategy

Starting with an assessment of your data infrastructure and goals, our team crafts a bespoke data strategy to harness Generative AI.

Gen AI CoE Setup

Establishing your Gen AI Center of Excellence, leveraging our Technology Foundation and skilled team assembly for a dynamic, innovative ecosystem.

Gen AI-Driven Digital Transformation

Bypass traditional methods & revolutionize your digital transformation  by utilizing Gen AI-tools and vector data structures. 

Training & Capacity Building

Our tailored training covers everything from Gen AI basics to advanced techniques, preparing your team for the future. 

Gen AI Implementation & Integration

Integrate Generative AI into your systems with minimal disruption, including a choice of technologies and hands-on product trials.

Support & Maintenance

Keeping your Gen AI solutions up-to-date in the rapidly evolving  landscape, including integration of emerging LLMs from day zero.


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